Wednesday, 31 March 2021


31 March 2021 

Zimbabwe is a rich country endowed with minerals, good rivers, fertile soils, fairly good climatic
conditions that can sustain a significant agriculture industry.

We are a young, hardworking, generous and pleasant people. We love peace, which is why we have tolerated the current system up to this stage. These and others put together is a recipe for an economic boom, if subjected to good ideas, political will and a well-meaning mindset.

There is no other reason Zimbabwe is suffering other than Zanu-PF. The ruling party stands between our current poverty and our ability to rise again.

In athletics, it is heroic to persevere and complete the race up to the finish line. But in politics, it is both suicidal and murderous.

The longer it takes an administration to deliver, the more angst and protests it accumulates creating pressure on the leadership. Similarly, the longer it takes to fix the economy, the deeper the destitution and pain resulting in loss of hope, dreams and lives.

In our political case, Zanu-PF are masters of waving the “democratically and constitutionally elected card,” even when the people are singing a different tune. AS A HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDER IM SAYING NO TO HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE

About the author:  Blessing Goronga is a human rights activist and a member of Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) Zimbabwe’s UK Chapter. He is based in the United Kingdom

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